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Auramancy 3D is the latest and most advanced generation of the video image system used by hundreds of integrative medicine practices and enthusiasts worldwide. It is developed by Hugeaura's John Catchpole from 30 years of fractal and high performance 3D graphics research, and extended by Thornton Streeter from his extensive practitioner and case history research.

It takes direct source video and reinterprets it to highlight effects that are lost to conventional image compression and filtering. This reveals subtle information that computers and our minds are trained to ignore. Normally we focus on major changes and edges and tune away from the subtle surface effects which are emphasised and enhanced by Auramancy.

The 3D mode has far greater sensitivity than normal images with thousands instead of video's standard 256 levels of contrast. The 3D system is able to display high detail physical structure and change, information that practitioners dont otherwise have access to. This has been particularly useful in conventional dermatology, where subtle shapes can be identified, and chiropractic where the practitioner is able to see what they can feel.

Energy medicine research has found correlations to chakras and energy systems around living bodies and subtle changes due to light's interations with the body surface. Auramancy is valued in a wide spectrum of integtrative medicine, energy medicine, dermatology, chiropractic and accupuncture.

The latest version 4 includes real time video recording.
The Pro filter contains mathematical functions that increase image accuracy, result in a steadier and clearer image, and adjusts for environment lighting.

Biofield Viewer includes all Auramancy 3D updates and access to the private Facebook group with a high frequency of posts and comments, case studies and videos.

Training with Thornton Streeter is now available online, for all users of Biofield Viewer. It's a good introduction to our system.

Biofield Viewer 3D includes Auramancy 3D, Thornton's online training course, lifetime updates, online community and support from Hugeaura.

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This video shows the 3D

Recommended computer and video equipment

Pioneer of 3D graphics chips and digital nomad lifestyle in Asia

After developing earlier video aura software in the 1990s John worked in the first team of seven people at Imagination Technologies pioneering the PowerVR 3D graphics chip since used in the Apple iPad and iPhone.

As a result of this work he moved out to Chiang Mai Thailand in 2001 where the spiritual and cultural environment is ideal for developing this hobby and business. There he pioneered the 'digital nomad' lifestyle of working away from the West while traveling and developing a sustainable business. He is the first known digital nomad, of millions now, who is still working this way today. Chiang Mai a decade later became the world preferred location for remote working with now tens of thousands from around the world in a large community, much of it related to energy medicine.

Using Auramancy 3D and Biofield Viewer

Auramancy is the central technology for Biofield Viewer, and lifetime updates for both are included.

Here are resources on how they are used. It's a tool for a wide range of areas where subtle visual analysis is helpful. explains more on the science behind the technology.

Biofield Viewer videos on YouTube

Thornton's video on the biofield and Biofield Viewer on YouTube slideshow notes for this video, Biofield Viewer is on slides 20, 22, 46, 69-103 slideshow completely on Biofield Viewer


John has worked with top authors of astrology and the I Ching and used this software for a popular full room immersive Psychic Museum exhibition with Jonathan Cainer, astrologer for the UK Daily Mail newspaper.

London Zoo imaging

A study at London Zoo used an infra red camera in an unusually cold winter to find where the tropical animals were losing heat to design clothing to keep them warm. They found the images also showed where they knew animals had been unhealthy, which fits with longstanding research on the health measurement benefits of IR imaging.

Our recommended Logitech video cameras detect infrared as well as the visible spectrum, which you can test by pointing a remote control at the camera in normal mode to see it as a bright light. Infra red shows heat which can also be affected around the body by our health, so it's a good example to explain how our system shows things the eye and conventional video don't see. We're able to make use of this information that is usually filtered and compressed away with usual methods.

Advanced 3D technology

Auramancy 3D John's original technology reveals high performance real time 3D. This is done with advanced image recognition algorithms and doesn't require any 3D source data from the camera.
It shows quantifiable detail and subtle changes, and shows over timescales evolution of energy and structure.

Auramancy 3D shows more detail with height and colour than can be perceived with colour alone.

It has an advanced visual enhancement algorithm that can go way beyond the 256 levels of each colour that video hardware measures and shows thousands of levels that can be represented in high definition 3D.

Chakra mode images show the etheric human biofield application of this software, with visual evidence of chakras, visible in the subtle changes detected by Biofield Viewer. It has become popular as a way to visualise subtle changes that take place.

Continuing development

Ever since in the 1980s John was researching fractal graphics and found a way to show subtle light detail that is normally hidden, this software has been under continued develoment, and occasionally completely rewritten with new technologies. Everyone who buys Auramancy 3D or Biofield Viewer from John or Thornton will continue to receive these updates for life which are continually moving the technology forwards. This project has already been running for 30 years. The community and our experience is always growing and we see new directions to apply this in the future.

Hugeaura is run by John Catchpole in Wiltshire UK.

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